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Kōgu® Gold Derma Roller

The Kōgu Gold Derma Roller is designed to provide you with the ultimate facial massage that gives you an instant boost of radiance. Its non-invasive peaks support better absorption of skincare products and help to boost blood circulation.

Use on
Face, neck

Good for

Encouraging collagen production, improving the appearance of uneven skin tones and pores

Made from

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How to use your Gold Derma Roller

  1. Gently roll in small upward and downward movements, starting at the neck.

  2. Carry out these rolling motions on each part of the face, repeat three times.

  3. Ensure that you do not use the roller around the eyes area, as this tool is not to be used on delicate skin.
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These go great with Gold Derma Rollers

Biodegradable box filler.

We hate polystyrene. So we don’t use it. Instead, your Gold Derma Roller will arrive at your front door packaged in recyclable cardboard filled with water-soluble loose fill. Just put it under the tap and it will wash away. No fuss, no waste.

Seeded paper box sleeves.

Your Gold Derma Roller comes in a cute cardboard box that you can either reuse or recycle. The Kōgu® branding is printed on seeded paper so instead of throwing it away, turn your packaging into beautiful wildflowers.