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3 reasons why you should buy a silk pillowcase right now

So, you are looking to add a bit of royal flair to your bedding setup and you think a silk pillowcase might be the answer. Well, you're probably right. When it comes to taking your nighttime routine to the next level, silk is a great choice, but replacing your entire bed set with 22 mommes of pure Mulberry silk can be costly. Testing the water with silk pillowcases first is a great starting point. And in this article, you're going to learn three fantastic reasons why you absolutely should buy a silk pillowcase.
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1. Silk pillowcases reduce oil and friction

Now, imagine for a moment that your pillowcase is a sponge. Overnight sweat and remnants of facial products, such as creams and serums, are absorbed by your traditional cotton (or worse, polyester) pillowcases. It’s also important to note that cotton pillowcases will absorb products from the hair as well, which just has breakouts and inflammation written all over it!

On the other hand, natural fibres such as silk are much more breathable and do not clog pores. The result is a reduction in overnight sweating.

And the benefits don’t end there! Silk pillowcases are reported to assist in controlling the production of sebum, whereas cotton pillowcases actually soak up sebum overnight, prompting our scalp and skin to produce even more – hello grease!

All this, of course is great news for those with oilier skin types.

As silk is a smoother, more tightly woven fabric, it will be gentler on your skin and reduce any excessive friction or rubbing. This helps to reduce redness and short-term wrinkles (you’ll be familiar with those pesky lines that appear in the morning after your pillowcase has imprinted on your face).

2. Fight ‘bedhead’ with a silk pillowcase

The reduction of excessive friction mentioned above eliminates resistance between the hair and the pillow. This, in turn, can prevent hair from breaking or fraying, meaning you can say goodbye to bad hair days and split ends.

Now, if this isn’t a good enough reason to invest in a silk pillowcase then what is!

The sleek texture and anti-static qualities mean that hair is less likely to become tangled or frizzy. As silk pillowcases absorb only 11% of moisture (as opposed to the 30% absorbed by many other synthetic fabrics), your hair can retain more hydration and you can keep dry (and brittle) hair at bay. 

3. A silk pillowcase is good for sensitive skin

Silk pillowcases are hypo-allergenic, which is an added bonus for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. Because silk has antibacterial properties, there’s less chance of a build-up of harmful germs.

Think of your silk pillowcase as the holy grail of pillowcases, pillowcase royalty. Now, you need to be realistic, if you experience hormonal acne, a pillowcase isn’t going to completely diminish breakouts. However, it will aid in minimising the issue by making for a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment. In turn, future breakouts should be less aggressive and become less regular with time.

In addition to having antibacterial properties, silk also naturally contains amino acids. Silk amino acids are often used in formulating hair products such as shampoos and conditioners as well as skincare products such as body moisturisers. This is due to the protective barrier that the amino acids contain and their ability to preserve moisture.

Final thoughts…

While silk pillowcases can and are proven to improve your skin and hair hydration, it’s important to recognise that they are not a cure-all solution. Instead, view the silk pillowcase as a part of your existing beauty regime. Regardless of the benefits, however, they look and feel great. There’s no better feeling than climbing into bed after a long, hard day and feeling the cool sensation of silk pressed against your face.

Finally, always make sure you go for high quality silk, such as Mulberry.

Check out the gorgeous Kogu 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcase here.

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