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9 amazing health & beauty benefits of ice globes

Get the skinny on ice globes so you know exactly what they can do for you, your health, and your skin.
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Ice globes are the latest facial gadget to hit the beauty tool scene. Pop them in the freezer for ten minutes and you’ve got yourself a pair of cooling wands that can transform your mood, soothe your skin, and make you glow.

Let’s take a look at nine amazing benefits you can expect when using your ice globes.

1.    Enhanced product absorption

Want to get the most out of your favourite new serum, moisturiser, or facial oil? Try applying it to your face immediately before using your ice globes.

By using the ice globes, a pulling effect on the skin is made by the facial capillaries being tightened. This will, in turn, ensure effective product absorption.

2.  Fights dark circles & under eye bags

Start each day looking like you’ve had the best night’s sleep of your life.

Ice globes help treat excessive fluid accumulation under the eyes. Simply massage around the eyes in circular motions and, with time, those dark circles will start to improve.

3.  Calms & soothes skin

Ice globes work wonders in soothing inflamed skin and minimising redness, which will help treat the bumps and swelling caused by acne.

This is also a great remedy for sunburn. By softly massaging sunburnt areas with ice globes, you can see a considerable reduction in redness and inflammation.

Just make sure you freeze them before use so they’re nice and cold! They should look something like this ?.

kogu ice globes on cool dressing table

4.  Reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

Ice globs tighten saggy areas, smooth wrinkles, and introduce renewed energy to your facial cells. Not only does this help prevent the formation of new lines but also reduces current lines.

These cooling wands are not magic. And they won’t reverse aged skin. But they can help manage the appearance of aging with regular use.

5.   Makes your skin glow

Who doesn’t want radiant skin, right? Ice globes support and improve blood circulation, which helps to give a bright appearance.

The cold temperature of the globes constricts the blood vessels and gives a cold shock to the skin. This sends fresher blood to the area, which provides more oxygen to the cells. Resulting in more nutrients and a reduction in water retention.

6.  Makes your pores smaller

Using ice globes daily after washing the face can help to keep pores small and skin clear.

Oil and dirt build-up can lead to pimples, acne, and blackheads. Ice globes minimise the pores on your face, which helps to reduce excess sebum and prevents dirt and debris from getting trapped.

7.   Encourages lymph flow

Lymphatic drainage is a natural occurrence in the body that moves waste products and toxins away from tissues and back into the bloodstream.

Lymph nodes act as filters that attack and kill bacteria, viruses, and damaged cells. By massaging your face with ice globes along the lymphatic network you are effectively removing toxins out of your skin tissue and into the lymph nodes where they can be broken down.

8.  Remedies heat rashes

When experiencing a heat rash, simply wrap the globes with a cloth and massage them over the affected area.

This helps to relieve inflammation and support the healing process.

9.  Natural headache & sinus relief

Ice globes offer a great natural treatment alternative for headaches, sinus pain, and migraines.

The tools work by cooling and numbing the nerves which help to reduce pain.

Using ice globes also increases blood flow, which in turn helps pump oxygen and relieves pain.

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